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Whitetail Deer Hunt - Frequently Asked Questions

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1.    What is the best time to come hunt for Whitetail Deer?


We only take a limited number of hunters each year, which gives all our hunters the opportunity to hunt the rut.  These hunts take place during the month of November.


2.    How do you hunt the deer?


Our main hunting method is sitting in stands back in the woods covering deer travel routes across open forestry cut-lines and pipelines.  These forestry lines can vary from 10 to 100 yards in width and often give an unlimited view down the line.  Some stands might even be set up in close courters, much like bow hunting, covering travel routes to and from bedding areas or even a natural food source.  Stands are also placed on the edge of large forestry cut-blocks to take advantage of bucks travelling large areas in such of receptive does. 


3.    What kind of stands do you use?


We have a whole variety of stands available and we are constantly scouting and setting up new stands on different/better deer activity.  Our tree stands are very comfortable Millennium Hang-On stands which can be moved to different locations within a few minutes time.  Tripods are fairly portable also and are great to use in forestry cut-blocks and cut-lines. These get you up off the ground where there might not be many tree, giving you a wider field of view to spot more deer.  Ground blinds are also handy when hunting tight areas where tree stands and tripods just cannot be utilized.


4.    Do you hunt public or private land? How much land do you have to hunt? Is there much hunting pressure?


We hunt 100 percent public land for the Mule Deer but when we say public land it doesn't mean that we are covered with local hunters. Our area is approximately 4500 square kilometers (1.11 million acres) of secluded area where there is little hunting pressure.


5.    What is the average buck size, what is a top end buck?


With a limited number of hunters taken every year, we strive on finding the best deer possible for each and every hunter. The average Whitetail Deer a hunter can expect to harvest will range between 125 inches and 150 inches Boone and Crockett. With intense rutting activity happening there is always the possibility of harvesting a much larger trophy. A poor or great year is usually determined by several factors such as how severe the past winter was, how much spring moisture we get, what the weather is like on your hunt etc. There are many things that we just can't control. What we can control is how much effort we put in and we always put in 100% effort to get you the biggest deer we can find for that year.


6.    What caliber of gun do you prefer, bullets? How far a shot can I expect?


We prefer that you shoot the gun that you are the most accurate with. Our deer can have huge 300+ lb. bodies but it still doesn't mean you need to shoot a big caliber gun. A 30-06, 270, 7 mm are all perfectly adequate. Most of our deer are shot well under 300 yds. but a 300+ yard shot is definitely a possibility. As for bullets the only kind we don't like are ballistic tip bullets, we have seen them blow up on a shoulder blade and not even enter a deer's chest cavity.


7.    Will I see lots of Deer, how many per day?


Our deer are concentrated in small areas throughout the hunting area with much of the county not suitable to maintain a large numbers of Whitetail Deer. Typically you will not see lots of deer passing by your stand unless your hunting on or near a hot food source on cold weather days. Normally, you will 5 to 10 deer per day, with some days not seeing any deer at all. Some days you may even see more than 10 deer.  We have you hunting that particular area because we have knowledge that a trophy buck is in the area or a good number of deer have been spotted in the area and you waiting for the right buck to step out. 


8.    Can you bait deer in your area?


No, we do not bait deer in our area. We scout very hard to find active natural food sources and set stands accordingly to intercept big bucks in search groups of does.


9.    What weather should be expected?


The weather is not too bad to handle if you are dressed right. Typical temperature range is 0 F up to 50F. If it does get really cold you can sit in a heated ground blind or we can road hunt. We will try to do everything possible to keep you comfortable and out in the bush hunting for your trophy.


10.   What clothing is best? Do I need blaze orange or white? Gear List


Blaze orange and all white is not needed, nor necessary for hunting whitetails in our area. You can wear full camo if you wish to. We recommend dressing in layers and a full gear list for your hunt will be sent to you after you book a hunt.   View our White Tail Deer hunt gear list.


11.   Do I have to put in for a draw to receive my hunting license and tags?


No draws are needed to hunt with Spitzig’s Outfitting. All your licenses and tags are guaranteed after your hunt contract and first deposit has been received. 

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